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* I'm adorned with a sparkling wish.
A wish that stems from the depths of my heart.
I wish that my own journey as a spiritual entrepreneur and visionary, reflected
here on these pages
as individual pearls on
a string, unique
projects, creations, manifestations...
will serve as inspiration to my brothers and sisters around the world, to keep on weaving their dreams into reality with great
joy and happiness  
We are in this together


Helga Sóley

Yantra Paintings
Eagle Women Global
*Please click on the images to explore and get inspired. The projects are both my own and co-creations, old and current, with beautiful soul-friends and family


Copy of Search - Canva.png
Samhljómur Hugleiðsla
Helga Sóley | Arnargyðjan
The Golden Octave ~ Wisdom Series
Sacred Iceland

Helga Sóley's Project Portfolio

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